When I looked out of the window, he smiled at me,,

He calmed my yelling mind, I stelled at the perfect seat,,

I closed my eyes & bend my head, the cold breeze blew my hair,,

My face glowed by his lighting, I opened my eyes just skipped a heartbeat,,

He was right there, hidden in the clouds,, 

But nothing could steal his elegance and calm,,

No matter where I am, he is always with me,, 

Let the history be any, but he always know my story,,

We converse without the words, still the silence were never unheard,,

when I see him, he makes me shy,,

He is the moon, my love, he always illuminate my life,,

Our story starts at every twilight & this time it is the train night.

Soul bursted

I was born pure soul, it was frightened when his wolf eyes looked at me,,

I was born pure soul, it felt disgusted when he touched my body,,

I was born pure soul, it breaked down every time he penetrated in me,,

I was born pure soul, it felt helpless when I couldn’t get up from the floor,,

I was born pure soul, it was timid when I couldn’t save myself from his brutal attacks,,

I was born pure soul, it shivered when I said NO to a proposal,,

I was born pure soul, it burned into fire when he threw acid on me,,

I was born pure soul, it felt lonely when the society judged me,,

I was born pure soul, it was choked when he molested me,,

I was born pure soul, God cried when he couldn’t aid me.

Little things

It’s been an era seeing him, my world is changing,,

Little things I miss about him, little bit I am  getting off him,,

Living in the world of social media, still couldn’t converse,,

Little bit he flirts, little bit I rollover,,

Covering myself in the shell, the eyes fell in pain,, 

Little things he unfolds, little bit I fall for him again,,

My voice cannot reach to him, my words will do the talking,,

Maybe little fear of separation held in mind, maybe little things rests in the hands of time.

Take a step for Yourself

What are you afraid of? The way u chose has a gate off,, knock the door of ur heart,, ask it what is that which is falling apart?

Maybe a belief, maybe a chance, maybe a dare, maybe a step, remind urself about the “dream” that u dare to stare and that nobody held in,, 

don’t stop, take rest, hold ur breath, get away from the snare,, fight for ur wants, spread that u believe in, maybe someone sitting somewhere just trolling, longing and disappointing,,

swerve a bit and ur life will be a perfect knit ,, spread ur fragrance even after being crunched,, blossom like the seeds that are burried after being plucked,, 

Encourage the living, a life that is bielding, the one which is bold, THE ONE WHICH CAN BE TOLD!!!

Teddy Bear ♡

Lying in his lap, holding his hand, I just shed a tear,,

When I saw him, he was looking at me, with a smiling face, he is my teddy bear,,

Grabbed him in my arms, closed my eyes, I slept without any fear,,

He knew my story, he never felt sorry, he brought my glory, he is my teddy bear,,

Being by my side, all the time, he didn’t leave me ever,,

I talked to him in night under the moonlight, he knows my secrets, my songs and my frights,

Giving me strength, without speaking a word, he is always near me, he is my teddy bear.  ♡